• To enhance efficiency in manufacturing of upcoming growth.
  • To think creatively in response to consumer demand for expanding market.
  • To build a better quality of work life for company’s staffs and employees
  • To officially become a leader in business filed with most important concern about customer service.

Under the main management policy, the company provides 6 subsidiary strategies leading to be number one in business of frozen seafood and processed value-added products.

  1. Research and Development Strategy: the company always researches and develops to serve the global demand.
  2. Sale Network Strategy: the company targets to expand domestic market while for international market, the company mostly focuses on approach strategy to monitor the global market movement. This strategy concerns about making consumer accept PFP products as the best product.
  3. Improvement Strategy: Manufacturing process is strictly controlled conforming to relevant standard. The strategy also focuses on good quality to satisfy consumer.
  1. Efficiency Strategy: The strategy is divided to support machine and equipment capacity as well as to emphasize on everyone’s cooperation in company in order to lower the operation cost.
  2. Internal Public Relation Strategy: The company intends to broadcast internally important information to all level of staffs and employees.
  3. Human Resource Development Strategy: the company aims at development of knowledge, morality, humanity and work management.