Production and Quality

A business primed for excellence from the smallest detail

Product Excellence

Every product is manufactured by the most advanced technology in food sciences with the modern machines and equipments. The company’s teams of experienced and highly-skilled food scientists routinely collect raw materials, product ingredients, containers, packaging materials and product samples for biological, physical, chemical and hygienic analysis to ensure the highest quality standard before delivering to consumer. Consequently, the company has been honorably awarded the official certification from the department of Fisheries, the Department of Medical Sciences, the Department of public Health, and CODEX standard for the certifications of HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000: 2005, and HAL-Q

Awards for Excellence in the food business

To display the power of victory in industrial manufacturing and exporting, the company made the largest seafood stick weighed 50.05 kg (110.34 lb) awarded by the Guinness World Records in 2005.